October 3, 2016

White Dog made Steve retrace all of his steps and actions. She used her superior senses to sniff the scene....and she was followed by every member of the White Dog Army who were co-investigating.

It simply vanished. Gone. Disappeared into thin air. Not to be found...ANYWHERE.

The group went back to the kitchen. The starting point. "So you picked up Sachi's, Opal's and Pearl's Bowls from the counter?" Steve nodded.

"And walked to the bathroom?" He nodded once more. Sachi eats dinner in the bathtub to keep him from terrorizing the other slower eaters; he comes out when all are finished. "So you put Sachi and his dinner in the tub?" "Yep." Everyone peered into the tub and behind the shower curtain and in all the between spaces.

"Then you put Pearl's bowl on the floor in there?" "Well, no. I set it on the sink and walked Opal and her bowl into the bedroom and got her set up. THEN I gave Pearly HER meal."

The WDA marched all through the bedroom snoofling and following the beam of Steve's flashlight as he looked behind doors and under dressers.

"Could you have brought it with you out to feed Trixie (who dines on the sun porch)?" "I am pretty sure not but let's go look." They all walked past shaking heads and pausing to look here and there.

They all rechecked the kitchen. They went out and surveyed the yard. Steve recounted the bowls collected and stacked, now empty, on the counter.

One was missing. Pearl's teal one. It just wasn't there...or anywhere.

Pearl is a thorough eater who even tips her slo-bowl upside down when she has emptied it to make sure nothing edible remains stuck to the bottom. "I don't remember hearing her tip it over and scoot it," Steve mentioned, and all eyes turned to look at my Precious Girl. She sort of bobbed her head and made a show of pawing at the base cabinet. Everypup surged forward as Steve opened the door...nothing.

A reward has been offered to the return of the missing food bowl...three ducky jerky strips and a peanut butter cookie...no questions asked...but so far there have been no takers...nor has the cute teal bowl with molded in swirls reappeared.

The hunt will continue at daylight...BEFORE breakfast is served.


Random Felines said...

uh oh - there is a bowl thief loose in WDA territory

Jeanne Pursell said...

Oh no! Hope you find it!