October 8, 2016

White Dog can be--this may be shocking--a bit of a drama queen on occasion. And being Queen, her theatrics trickles down to the rest of the White Dog Army.

The season has moved into the blissful during the day, nippy at night part of the year. Consequently the sunporch door is shut well before sundown, the bedroom window no longer stands wide open, and we trap the day's heat into the house for the night. We do not yet need the furnace but except for leaving the window in the bathroom open a sliver, we close up when darkness comes.

Such was the condition of the house last night. Post walks after waiting out the rain meant that every pup came in with cold furs. "Brr," I said briskly rubbing White Dog's shoulders. "Your furs are cold! We will have treats when every one comes in; that should warm you up!"

The temperature was 55 degrees F.

My diva pressed up against me and a shiver rippled down her body. She paced around the house and rested her head on each returning dog, jumping back in mock surprise at their chilled coats. She stood by the bathroom door and whined.

"What is her problem," Steve asked returning from walks to a WD Lassie moment of "COME NOW! This window must be closed." He shut the window.

Now the entire Army was complaining and huddling together in the office...close to the treat jar...but also doing the WDA version of tundra dogs pressing together for warmth.

"Oh, for Dog's Sake!" I laughed. "You all have double fur coats. Here in the house it is warm and comfortable even for this hairless human who is ALWAYS cold. I think you are milking this a bit." WD dived into her bed and waited for treats amidst the warm blankets. Bella wanted to be held so she could burrow into my shirt. Such drama.

We finished treats and retired to the bedroom to watch a movie. The windows were all shut and the ceiling fans turned off.

About half an hour into the film, Sachi jumped off of the bed complaining he was hot. YoYoMa kept shifting uncomfortably trying to cool off. Nilla left her crate to sleep in the hallway. Soon White Dog came over from her sleeping suite in the office.

She jumped up to tap my arm. Steve paused the movie.

"Momma, it is kind of warm in the office. could we maybe turn the fan on? It is too hot to sleep." Her words brought echoes from every member of the Army, including Trixie out in the kitchen by herself.

So Steve crawled off of the bed, around resting White Dogs and turned on the ceiling fans in the bedroom and office. He reopened the window in the bath a sliver. Things were now exactly as they has been before we went to bed.

"Wonderful!" WD smiled. "This is perfect! Thanks." Tails thumped and wagged their appreciation.

Steve pressed play and the movie continued.

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Random Felines said...

hahaha. though Mo is hoping space heater season starts here soon