November 5, 2016

White Dog has, as she has aged, grown increasingly uneasy at the force and fury of storms but tonight's which began just at bedtime was fierce enough to throw the entire White Dog Army into total panic mode.

The rumbling as the storm grew near brought unease and the BOOM! that shook the house to announce its arrival even made me jump. And then the heavens opened and we were under a waterfall that poured cold stinging rain that at times included hail.

The last of the walkers, White Dog and Nilla, rushed inside as the house lights flickered and computer alerts screamed.

"It is all right," I soothed shouting the last word to be heard over the crack of lightening. Then came the house shuddering thunder in response. YoYoMa spun in his distress until we guided him into one of the open crates; Opal scooted in next to him. Sachi hid under my desk, clinging to my feet as Benson pressed against the side of my leg.

Bella sat and shook even after I picked her up in my arms. Stormer cried piteously next to Steve who tried at the same time to comfort WD who was not keen on sharing her closet space with Pearl huddling there. Nilla paced in circles. Trixie pushed her head under my arm and just stood quivering.

"Where's Zso?" I asked the room as we braced again (I laughed as I thought how we were like an old Star Trek episode where the crew on the Bridge reacts to the shock of an alien assault).  "Zsofia! Zsofia!"

The dog door banged and our darkest White Dog appeared streaming water and looking mystified as to why everyone was gathered. "I would like you to stay inside, please," I told her. Again, she seemed puzzled but sank to her belly in the middle of the crowded room.

Steve turned on some gentle piano music and we gave treats of distraction. Slowly each of the White Dog Army moved to their sleep spots (except Yo who normally sleeps alongside our bed against the windows; he remained in the office crate). The storm continued at a serious pace. No one really slept until hours later when the blast from nature played itself out.

"Thank goodness we get an extra hour of sleep tonight," Steve yawned as he rest the clock, turned off the music and doused the light.

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