December 17, 2016

White Dog tried to keep the others from the mysterious package that arrived for Trixie. "Let her see what it is first," she told them several times. Once the package was open, Trixie looked over at me a little bewildered.

"The note says your first mom asked a friend to make these pajamas just for you. She thinks that it will help you fight the itchies, so you do not scratch so much. And that will help you heal."

"And you mom's friend and the woman who actually sewed them so wanted you to get well that they sewed them up overnight and sent them out by extra speedy mail to you. Aren't they fabulous? Everyone is so worried about you, Trix."

Steve helped her into them. She looked tres chic and seemed to enjoy the warmth and covering. After parading a bit to show off her fancy jammies, she hopped up on the couch and took a long nap.

Later in the afternoon we noticed that some escape artist had managed to work her back legs, both of them, free of the unitard. "Had enough for now, Big Girl?" Steve asked her. "We cannot leave them dragging like that you might trip." He helped her take the jammies off.

But tonight it is predicted to be frigidly cold, 20 degree F. Her double coated Northern breed sisters and brothers think Trixie will greatly appreciate the extra "fur" especially on her walk.

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