December 27, 2016

White Dog looked at the clock and then at Steve. "Dad it is 10:30 and you are STILL home? Aren't you going to get in trouble at work?"

"Sweet Girl, I am home all week. The office is closed for the holidays." A giant song of joy welled up from the Army which turned to an intruder alert as the delivery person knocked on the door.

Steve walked into the bedroom where I sat with Benson.

"On the Third Day of Christmas your true love brings to you...this"
All of the WDA gathered to sniff. "Read the card," Bella teased, "Tell us who your true love is."

"I think it is the same guy who has a special surprise for the White Dog Army as well. But you must wait until this afternoon." I told her.

The wait seemed like forever to the pups and they tried to be subtle in watching the clock and checking with me as to whether it "was time." Finally, Steve came up from the basement where he had been working on cleaning out what had been Michael's room so it could become his exercise space.

"Now!" I told them.

They mobbed Steve who reached up to the top of the refrigerator and brought down a bag. "On the Third Day of Christmas your human brings to you..." He opened the bag..."Lamb ears...and piggy ears, too!"

Before the Army swooned I jumped in. Lamb ears are for those who need something softer; you do NOT get both!"

White Dog
Bella was deep under her chair; Zsofia took her pig ear and disappeared into the yard; Opal was hunkered in her sleeping crate guarding her treasure as she ate.

No pup can wait to see what the FOURTH Day of Christmas brings!


meowmeowmans said...

WOW. If that was the third day, we can't even begin to imagin what comes next! :)

Random Felines said...

nom nom nom

and pretty flowers too!

NanĂ¼k said...

Grrreat video!


24 Paws of Love said...

Chow Down!