December 30, 2016

White Dog was sitting at the foot of the bed along with the rest of the White Dog Army supervising as Benson received his thrice weekly treatment of subcutaneous fluids.

Benson's numbers are up indicating that his kidney disease is progressing. The subq fluids are absorbed into the body and help increase the filtering abilities of his kidneys.

BenBen is amazing and tolerant. He stretches out on the bed next to me and we cling together. He lets out a small cry as Steve inserts the needle. This is the alert to the others to come in and offer support and to supervise. They surround him respectfully and quietly and watch.

Benson never flinches or shifts or tries to throw off the line running along his back. I keep a finger locked around his collar as a precaution but have never needed to stop his movement. He rests with eyes closed as I stroke his ears and rub my thumb along the side of his face. We are together in the moment of creating calm.

The process takes about 15 minutes from beginning to when Steve deftly slides the needle out and rubs his back. Benson lies tightly against me just breathing deeply for several more minutes then lifts his head to receive the reward cookie he has so well earned.

Of course the supervisors get smaller bites and then follow Steve out of the room.

Benson and I (and usually Bella) stay behind and take a bit longer to enjoy the closeness. I tell him that he is brave and thank him for trusting me so very much. He presses closer still and Bella joins makes it a group hug by leaning into my leg. Then, slowly, we are ready to hop off the bed and rejoin the others.



Jo's World said...

I love it when an animal will trust you to hold them and take whatever comes. You are a master at this Sue, and it says a lot about you.

Jo and Stella

Anonymous said...

I had a friend who had to do this for her cat--for numerous years. That and a very uncomfortable surgery helped him. Then a new vet suggested a pill that would help the problem. Now cats and dogs are similar only in that they have 4 feet, but if she can remember the drug, would you like me to ask her what it was? Might spare him some misery if it works on dogs. Erich T.

Brian said...

You are such a sweetie Benson and we all send love and hugs your way. Happy New Years Eve from all of us.

Susan Sehi-Smith said...

Erich T., we are interested in ANYTHING that could possibly help Benson's comfort level and prolong his life. Please share if your friend remembers the prescription.

Agnes B. Bullock said...

We went through this with our first Anna Rose and for the same reason- and this is why WHN uses a baby sling with us

Keeping you in our prayers