December 8, 2016

White Dog heard Steve complaining to Pearl. "Come on, Little Girl! In or out of the dog door! Do not stand halfway out holding it open. It is letting in the cold."

WD jumped up beside Steve on the foot of the bed and called Pearl over. "Remember BEFORE we had a doggie door, dad?" she asked. "When as a pup I would wake you up in the middle of the night and you would get all wrapped up in your robe and go out with me? And I would refuse to quickly get things done? I wanted to play with you and run around the yard. Sometimes you were so sleepy you just pulled your robe around you and settled into the chair and dozed while waiting for me.

"When I was a Big Girl of one and a half you and momma decided to change the back of the house to put in a deck extension, doors and a special door just for me. Well, really dad, I think you liked the idea of my independently being able to go out without waking you.

"Momma found this photo of the construction. I was so impatient for it to be done that I used the doggie door with just a plank to get up and down. Momma said Eskies were bred to be circus dogs and that I was showing my heritage.

"Pearl, you are so athletic you might have liked that system but now it is easy peasy to come and go. And when the winter REALLY sets in Dad has devised a wind baffle to protect the cold from being quite such an intruder. But for now, like dad says, it is in or out."

2007 White Dog was an only...very pampered...child. With her own door.
The ramp came later, when YoYoMa joined the WDA. We did not want out blind boy stumbling on stairs.

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NanĂ¼k said...

Hehehehe, we still get pops up sometimes at night~it's fun to snooter around in the wee hours! Perhaps we need to discuss a doggie door in our new place...play bows,


ps our ramp didnt work out so well so pops built a fence around the front yard instead- that way Isis does not have to use the back deck stairs- she loves it:)