January 16, 2017

White Dog is not a lover of vegetables. Well, to be fair, she tolerates them ground up in her meals and LOVES them with a good bechamel, butter or cheese sauce...but plain as I am slicing and prepping for dinner, not at all.

Most of the White Dog Army crowds around me begging for slices of cucumber or chunks of carrot or strips of bell pepper (a particular favorite). We were not able to grow a vegetable garden once Zsofia joined the Army because she munched the veggies right off the plants...and often ate the plants as well.

Tonight as the WDA was "helping" me prepare salads for tomorrow's lunch I noticed a certain lack of color in the crowd.

"Zso! We are having veggies. Come on!"

She bounded off the bed and joined us. I reached out a thick fragrant round of cucumber to her. Zsofia sniffed it suspiciously and curled her lip. She turned away and Bella rushed up to claim the piece. "Really? No cukes? You love cucumbers."

And her reaction was the same for the zucchini and the carrot. "Thanks, but nope."

"Has White Dog told you that Princesses in Training do not eat vegetables?" I asked her while preparing to sternly lecture the Queen. Zso wooed that she never REALLY liked vegetables but was merely "trying to please." There was a burst of snickering woofs from her brothers and sisters...even White Dog.

I held out a piece of bell pepper. A piece from the pepper Steve had rescued from Bella who grabbed it when it rolled off of the counter as we were gathering things. "I know these are your favorite," I told her. She snorted and took two steps back.

"Fine." I said, "The others are all waiting." I doled out pieces to every pup who was eagerly pushing forward for my attention. Zsofia watched and listened to the happy munching surrounding her.

She tentatively walked forward and tossed her head. "What?" She stretch out and looked at the cutting board. "Would you like a piece of pepper now? Think about it and please do not accept just because you think I want you to." She nudged at my hand. "For certain?"

Zso took the green strip delicately and in two crunches it was gone.  

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Random Felines said...

seems a certain darker white dog is getting finicky :)