January 6, 2017

White Dog was nestled all warm and comfy in her bed when Zsofia began shouting a song of joy in the wee hours of the morning. "Woo WOO WOO WOOOOOOO! It snowed! Woo. Every pup, get up, it snowed! Come see!!!!" Then Zso went charging back outside.

Opal lifted the dog door and poked her head out. She sniffed the white dust on the deck and sneezed. I heard her tags jingle as she shook her head and decided to make a mad dash out to do business; before the door slammed down she was back and trying to scratch a nest in the bed blankets. Bella just stood inside the door weighing how long she could stay inside.

"Enjoy it now kids," Steve told them, "by this afternoon most of it will be gone or melted so that it turns to ice tonight before our walks."

Trixie cut right to the heart of things. "We will need extra calories to maintain our core temperatures, Dad, so how about extras for breakfast and maybe even some nice beef broth with noodles and chunks of meat?" Steve looked at her and laughed. "How about we put on your jammies?" She did not reply but left the room.

In our town, the smallest amount of snow causes consternation. Steve took his time getting ready and leaving for the office, knowing that Albuquerque automatically goes into time delay on days like this. It is an unwritten agreement among the civilized. So we had the unexpected pleasure of a hot shared breakfast...yes, everyone got a bit of hot oatmeal with cream and brown sugar to keep up their body temps.

Once Steve DID leave, the snow day was celebrated mostly by curling up tightly to nap, barking at any pedestrian brave enough to face the weather, and complaining about the cold.

As White Dog said, pressed against my shoulder and sharing my blanket, "This is just a perfect day to cuddle and watch the world go by."

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