February 2, 2016

White Dog looked around at all of the faces lined up for coffee and wondered what each had looked like as puppies. "Little rollie pollies"

With the exception of White Dog and  Zsofia our "Baby pictures" are arrival day, Gotcha Day photos...or pictures of White Dogs in adoption pictures...or "Freedom Day" shots. We have no waddling little fluffball shots playing tug of war or tipping over into their bowls.

"Don't be sad," Benson told WD. "As babies we were adorable but the photos you have of us coming to you are so much like a rebirth. A chance to be loved and cherished for who we are and for the baggage we carry. THESE are photos of gratitude and awareness beyond what a baby can even understand. Know these images are treasures for the miracles and second chances they represent."
Benson at the airport where we picked him up on his Gotcha Day
A touch, a commitment for always. His "baby" photo.


Random Felines said...

baby pictures may be cute, but freedom day pictures are much better

NanĂ¼k said...

Yeah! Love an wooos!