February 7, 2017

White Dog was still in bed. The early crew was out and about helping Steve in his morning preparations. This included both Sachi and Zsofia.

Steve worked getting breakfast together as Sachi studiously practiced his mousing skills around the pantry. Zsofia sat in the middle of the room watching the Little Man work.

Suddenly there was a flash of grey that caught Steve's eye. He turned in time to see Sachi pounce. Grab the creature and fiercely shake his head. There was one squeak and no movement. Sachi laid the corpse at Steve's feet.

Zsofia, her eyes shining with pride, went over and sniffed before putting a congratulatory paw on Sachi's back. The others also went to see and compliment the catch.

Sacho looked at Steve. "See, I AM a mouser!" his stance and body language demanded.

Zsofia ran in to hop on the bed and tell me the heroics of her brother as Steve removed the remains and sanitized. It was all the talk at breakfast. Sachi the Mouser!

Later, in the afternoon I saw that a replacement grey soldier had taken the old one's place. It scurried past the door threshold and under Steve's chair in the living room. Sadly, no mousers were on alert. But this one crossed the line in my book. Our mouse issue is becoming problematic as they seem to be increasing and getting bolder. Sadly, I think we must declare war instead of humanely trying to convince them to just move out. The White Dog Army is doing its part but I think we must step up the attack and put down traps.

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Random Felines said...

good job Sachi....strange that mice would think invading the WDA is a good idea