March 1, 2017

White Dog respects that the time Benson receives his subcutaneous fluids are his time; where he lies on our bed and gets special attention and praise for his bravery. She quietly waits in the office until we finish and he asks to be helped back into the mainstream.

Ben is very patient during the process and the additional fluids help boost his kidney filtering abilities. Pressed against my side with his head cradled in my hand, he flinches just slightly as the needle goes in but remains still for the 20 minutes it takes. I stroke him and softly keep conversation going and Steve manages the technical end.

Some of the others, Bella, Opal, Sachi, and Nilla, come in and sit in solidarity to offer encouragement and support...and to claim reward treats after as "observers."

Zsofia, too, can be a quiet witness but tonight she could not seem to find her zen. Or maybe her youthful impatience just got the best of her. Or most likely, she wanted attention...now!

First she started putting toys on the bed; a charming gesture I first thought. But then she started head butting Steve to play with her. "Zso, this is Benson's time," I reminded. She went out through the dog door.

Only to return with a stick. that she jumped up on the bed with the intent of settling in for a good shredding. "Zso, NOT now! Off"

She came around to woo in Ben's face. I pushed her gently away. "Please Baby Girl, he is trying very hard to stay calm."

The Darkest White Dog slapped the bed with her paw and grabbed the edge of the blanket. My low growl alerted her that she was pushing her boundary. She sank to her belly and stared forlornly at Benson as if to say, "you are SO lucky." He turned his head to face me and closed his eyes.

Seconds later we felt Steve shift to remove the line and gently cover the spot with his hand.

"Good job!" he told Benson. "I will put the gear away and we can have treats. You deserve them, brave boy!" Then he looked at the Observers now gathered around the bed, "I guess you all do...even you that had such a challenge with patience."


NanĂ¼k said...

Love an wooooos Benson,


Random Felines said...

good job Benson

Agnes B. Bullock said...

We had similar issues when our first Anna Rose had subcutaneous fluids for her kidney issues. I was the bad mama since I ensured that Geoff never gave her the needle but held her close while she had the fluids. She was a trooper and she knew that I was especially nervous with this procedure. It gave us several more months with her and she and Geof treasured every moment that they had