March 20, 2017

White Dog was curled up way in the back of her closet suite. Bella was sitting next to me. "Sure takes a long time for the sickies to travel through the entire Army, huh?" she commented.

I stroked her head. "I figure we are just about at the two-thirds point." I replied. "Thank dog you had a very mild case." Most of the Army who have been sick have been down for about three days. White Dog and Benson seem to have particularly tough cases. Neither is interested in food and are miserably lethargic. Fortunately they are both drinking water but the price is upchucking gunk and running bowels. Finally, this morning we spoon fed kefir to White Dog just so she would have something in her tummy. Benson, we syringe fed part of his normal meal; I am uneasy when he does not eat because of his kidney disease. He did not like being so encouraged but DID resignedly accept a token amount.
When are the sickies going to pass? I feel awful!

As Bella and I sat together, Zsofia came up and dropped her head into my lap. She whimpered and pressed hard against me. I stroked her ears. Suddenly, her head shot up and she bolted...we heard the dog door slam.

"I think we have our newest patient," Bella softly said.


Gus said...

Oh My. We will keep on praying and hope you have enough rags to cope. Laundry creeps up on you on days like these. Teka has a very touchy tummy, but she has been a trooper about getting to the door on time. And luckily that room is the best for cleanup. Hope all are feeling better soon. Love to all

24 Paws of Love said...

So sorry to hear of the sickies that are passing through. Prayers and love that everyone comes out OK and are feeling better soon. (((HUGS)))

TwoSpecialWires said...

Oh. So sad to read this. Healing wishes for all, including for your spirits Sue and Steve