March 3, 2017

White Dog laughed at me. "Oh, momma! You are impossible! OK, give him your Hobbit Birthday Present as a Beginning of Your Birthday Month gift and then you will not burst."

March is my birth month and for the longest time the 15th, my birthday, has been celebrated in the style of Hobbits...giving presents instead of receiving them. The problem is that if I have chosen the gift too early, I get impatient waiting to surprise the recipient and end up prematurely giving away the surprise.

So it was today when a very special discovery arrived that was to be for Steve.White Dog knew how amazing it was and its sheer perfection. I found out after that she had taken bets with the rest of the White Dog Army as to just how long it would take me once Steve got home to spill the beans.

WD was impressed. "Nearly an hour," she nodded and she watched Steve open the package.

He gasped and started lacing immediately. "Happy Momma Coming Up Birthday," WD announced. "From her and all of us."
Guess which on is me? And me? And me...


meowmeowmans said...

That Hobbit-style birthday gifting sounds awesome. And it certainly sounds like Steve enjoyed the guft you gave him. :)

Happy coming up birthday, Mom Sue!

Gus said...

Very nice! Now what is it???

Agnes B. Bullock said...

You got them! Now where is your pair?