March 31, 2017

White Dog gathered us all together after Steve left for work. "We need to step outside of the storm for a bit. We are all strong, yes, but I think we must withdraw and just float for a while. Let us take this morning to rest and clear our minds. The world can live without us for awhile."

Stormer stepped forward. "I do not know about the rest but I could use time to find my calm. Yesterday I felt like I needed to attack everything before it got us and it made everyone around me uneasy. We are experiencing a lot of emotions right now and stepping back is a great idea."

Bella came out from under the chair. "The WDA is strong but we will be stronger and clearer headed if we set everything aside for a bit to recharge."

"This place has always been a sanctuary," YoYoMa added."Let us pull together and lock out everything negative, Even if we can only spare a few hours. We are not being selfish."

And so each of the White Dogs spoke of their agreement with White Dog's suggestion for cocooning. We all closed ranks so we were touching and shared nuzzles. Steve's absence was felt but we included him within our circle of love.

Benson was the last to speak. "I am not sure what is to come, All I know right now is that I am glad to be here. So let us sit quietly together and listen to the Spring winds and watch the Mulberry fuzzies fly as we empty our minds and not worry about what may happen. I feel Anya is here as are all of the Angel White Dog Army. Together we can just be."


TwoSpecialWires said...

A "be" great, wonderful and complete ... just as you are. xxx

Random Felines said...

A wonderful idea.....peace

Jans Funny Farm said...

Peace and love, lots of each.

Marty the Manx said...

We are sending you strength, love, and prayers and all the positive karma we can from our little corner of the world.
Marty, Mom and the Gang

Alasandra, The Cats and Dogs said...

We are sending healing purrs and power of the paw to Benson. We are so very sorry that he isn't feeling well. We are sending comforting purrs to all of you and we will be thinking about you.