March 8, 2017

White Dog and the White Dog Army were huddled over my computer. Conversation stopped and all heads turned toward me as I entered the room. I saw WD slyly hit the button to empty the monitor screen.

"Hi guys, what's new?" I asked as I moved toward my chair. No one moved. "Can I have my desk, please?"

White Dog was cool as a cucumber and signaled those looking nervous to hold their ground. "Well actually," she replied. "We need a little more time...and PRIVACY" she strongly hinted. "And no listening in."

I sighed and went back to the living room. I heard the office door close. I knew what they were doing. Plotting.

My birthday is next week and my beloved pack was shopping and planning my day.

After a bit, the door opened and Benson came out to check on me. "You know," he said, "the word llama rhymes with momma? Strange, huh." OK I was getting a bit worried by his comment; and his refusal to say more..

Trickling out one-by-one each of the White Dogs tried to look casual and avoided eye contact. White Dog was the last and she growled a reminder to the others. "No giving away the secret. not for ANY bribe. I mean it; I will NOT be happy if any pup ruins the surprise. Do you hear me, SACHI?"

And I did not miss the high five she gave Steve when he got home.

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Random Felines said...

Uh oh....out numbered and out manuevered