April 11, 2017

White Dog knew it was coming; she had been warned. "Dad told Trixie to stay off of the counter while he was making dinner," she said, "now it is consequences. Timeout for her."
At first she was unrepentant and did not take her plight seriously.

Then Trix tried to bully and demand her way out. It was quite a temper tantrum.

Then she tried to chew her way out.
White Dog laughed. "By the time she is through with all her antics, her time will be up and dad will let her rejoin the WDA."  Sure enough...
Steve let Trixie out for dinner with a warning that the countertop was STILL off limits.


meowmeowmans said...

Dad is a kind dude, Trixie, but we're sure he's serious about that staying off the counter thing. :)

Barbara said...

TOLD you she was a counter surfer! Guard the garbage cans too!

Agnes B. Bullock said...

We have this gate at our bedroom since we usually find puddles and presents if we have been gone- and especially when the back door is left open for their convenience!