April 15, 2017

White Dog jumped a little at the clatter of Zsofia puller her snooter out of my coffee cup as I entered the living room. Assuming an attitude of cool ignorance, my Darkest White Dog looked calmly into my eyes and smiled.

She was sitting comfortably in the momma chair, like I usually do, and she had just been leaning over to enjoy what had been a half cup of my coffee. Now there were dregs PLUS the cream ring had been totally scoured.

"What kind of manners are those? Who invited you to drink MY coffee?" I asked her; she was still staring me down with guile radiating.

The WDA froze as they waited to hear whether she would choose to be contrite or strike a stance of bravado.

Zsofia lithely stepped off of my chair and play bowed, turning the helm over to me. She kissed my cheek with her coffee breath then cheerfully rolled onto my feet.

I thought she was going to ignore the situation but before turning on her side to settle in she looked up to woo, "THAT hit the spot!"


Random Felines said...

Brat :)

meowmeowmans said...

Unrepentant AND totally satiated. Hee hee!