April 24, 2017

White Dog said, "NOW what is the little nutcase doing?" and she pointed across the room.

Sachi was madly scrambling at the front of the sofa, digging and huffing. He dropped to his belly and peered under the furniture than ran to the side (where the dog mattress is) and tried to push it aside. And then back to the front.

He flattened himself and pushed halfway under the couch, scraping and reaching as far as he could. He backed back out and peered under again. Then tried the side but could not fit. Back at the front he pushed himself all of the way under so only his back toes were visible. We heard him grunting and straining. Once again he came out to get a better view and dove right back under.

This time when he emerged he had something in his lips. "Sachi," I called to see what he had captured. "What do you have?" Proudly he flipped his head and sent a grape tomato bouncing and rolling.

"Where in dog's name did you get that?" He turned to look at the sofa. "I know from under but I mean how did you know it was there and when was it put there?" He returned his focus to playing fetch with the tomato...tossing, running after, and pouncing on it.

Stormer came into the room and curiously walked over to see. Sachi growled and snapped. "OK Little Man! Game is over when you start to get possessive. Bring it!"

In one gulp the tomato was gone and Sachi sashayed out to the kitchen to see what Steve was cooking.