April 27, 2017

White Dog is as puzzled as I am sometimes by the out of the blue behavior of her Army members. Take YoYoMa, for example. He is my rock steady, smart boy who enjoys a good laugh but is not prone to random acts of craziness. He has been with us longer than any of the WDA except for WD and knows the ins and outs and our routine.

Yo has eaten in his spot in the pantry FOR YEARS and has never shown any interest in the open shelves with their canned and packaged items. Yet suddenly he is totally fixated on them.

The other evening he pulled from the bottom pantry shelf a box of broth, created a broth fountain by chewing open a corner of the box, and using his paw made the delicious juice squirt out. Steve caught him right before bed trying to reach the vegetable broth which had been moved up a shelf. Keep in mind my boy is blind and the boxes are factory sealed. How did he know?

Tonight Steve sighed and went out to the kitchen after hearing noises of things falling. This is usually a sign that Trixie is up to counter surfing mischief. But not tonight.

YoYoMa was buried shoulder deep on another pantry shelf sorting through the canned goods with his nose. There were two cans on the floor with labels torn. Mind you, the dog kibble bin is right behind him; in that he shows zero interest.

Steve has swept under the shelves and wiped down the area so My Boy is not being drawn by a spill. We have adopted no new food habits that have us stocking up on exciting new products. Yo's new fascination is a mystery.

White Dog had no real insights but offered this advice: "Dad, just be sure to NEVER leave the can opener within reach."

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