April 4, 2017

White Dog and the rest of the Army are getting pretty disgusted with the antics of Mother Nature. For two or three days in a row, we celebrate beautiful New Mexico springtime with warm sunshine and being lured to nap on the deck. Then, overnight it becomes grey and dreary and the temperatures are a damp forty degrees F.

On those days, the entire Army mopes and moans inside the house until they make themselves stir crazy.

So it was today.

Finally Sachi could stand it no longer. He had barked himself hoarse at everything seen or imagined that moved outside the window. He had been chased into the blustery cold forty million times as he attempted to play "Mark My Words." He had napped in every position he could configure himself into.

He launched himself at Zsofia who still maintained a shred of calm...calm shattered as the Clash of the Titans game began and then carried through the house and out into the yard.


Random Felines said...

No kidding....pick a season already

meowmeowmans said...

We're with you, WDA pals ... this crazy, fluctuating weather is maddening!