April 6, 2017

White Dog went out and gently led her sister back inside. Zsofia had been leaping and jumping at the cat perched on the wall for nearly fifteen minutes and even White Dog was getting annoyed at her cries, threats and woos.

"Give it a break, Little Sister," she told Zso. "That cat is purposely teasing you. She is enjoying making you crazy while she strolls and preens in safety at the top of the wall."

Zso looked over WD's shoulder at the impertinent feline now sliding past the office windows. She whined to White Dog and nodded just in case the Queen did not understand the intruder. White Dog blocked Zsofia as she sidled toward the door.

"Yesterday you let her know that she could get under your skin and know she comes just for the sport of it. She is safe and knows she can make you look like a silly fool. Stop. Ignore her. Pretend she is not there. The cat will soon get bored and leave."

Diplomacy was not something that Zsofia fully understood. Nor is she a good chess player. White Dog sighed and stood aside. "Go on. Go out there and have at it. But know that when you do, the CAT wins."

Zsofia jumped over the sage advice and ran for the dog door. We heard her slam through. We watched the cat realize Zso was back. We braced for the frenzy as the feline slunk down the wall trying to seduce a reaction.

Zso gave a shout. WD shook her head. I held up a finger to her. One shout. that was all...and then... nothing.

White Dog waited a few more seconds and could not bear the curiosity. She trotted to the bedroom and peeked out of the patio door.

Zso was sitting on the deck, back to us. She was staring down the cat but not moving a muscle or uttering a sound. She may as well have been made of stone.

The cat paced back and forth clearly trying to get a response. Zsofia remained in a perfect sit-stay. The cat looked surprised and hissed before jumping off of the wall into the neighbor's yard.

Zsofia strutted in triumphantly and turned to WD. "Well, I showed HER!" she proudly said. WD nuzzled her shoulder. "You sure did. Silence is a VERY strong weapon. Remember that. Now if that cat gets brave enough to actually come into the yard...well THAT is a different story."

"ALL RIGHT!" Zso wooed and headed back out.

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