April 9, 2017

White Dog leaves the Sunday kitchen duties to the rest of the White Dog Army...and they were busy today...
...finding the sweetest apples for the empanadas.

...sampling green beans suitable for the green bean with leeks bisque

...testing the crunch of the bell peppers for Thai chicken
"We are going to have some great dinners this week," White Dog observed as she sniffed the aromas coming from the cooking room.

Bella agreed but argued, "we have some pretty good duck jerky to share RIGHT NOW!" And with that culinary timeout was called for a treat break.


Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

I am so glad he had a good day. We have displayed your linked header under All, Pets and the United States on our new site directory, SiteHoundSniffs.com. Please email me at jerryebeuterbaugh@sitehoundsniffs.com if you want more details or your site removed.

Random Felines said...

busy days are always better with treat breaks!!