May 16, 2017

White Dog was up earlier than usual (after staying up nearly all night with me) to make sure Steve had YoYoMa ready to go see Dr. Julia to continue treating his anemia issues.

Between the time I had let him sleeping soundly in the darkest part of the night and 5:30am when Steve rises, Yo had gone out and vomited on the deck. Not a lot but it WAS one of the things we were supposed to watch for.

Steve checked all of the other red alert symptoms...gums were pink and fine...no looseness or blood...breathing normal. YoYoMa was starving and anxiously wanted breakfast. That was a good sign, White Dog told him.

After an early breakfast, which NONE of the White Dog Army complained about, Steve took YoYoMa to the vet's office where they drew blood, ran tests and got our boy comfy for the day. Dr. Julia would be in at lunchtime.

I heard from our beloved dog doctor in the early afternoon. Yo's numbers were up to 30% and he was holding steady. He was eating and drinking well enough that she had decided spare Yo's leg furs. and chose subq rather than IV fluids. She joked, "I figured that handsome boy would not appreciate my giving him poodle legs."

She saw the trend as upward and the progress as faster than expected. "Pick him up when Steve gets through with his workday. Let's kick up his prednisone and add prilosec just to keep his stomach calm. And let's check him again before the weekend...Friday so we have no weekend surprises."

When Steve pulled up at 6:30, the Army was waiting to sniff and see for themselves that Yo WAS on the road to recovery. Satisfied, life, for now, returned to blessedly normal.  I turned my eyes upward into the cloudy skies and whispered, "Thank you. Please keep my boy heading in the direction of complete health."

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Sue Lunsford said...

Thank you for all you so, Sue and Steve, for this wonderful boy. He's in good hands, and a loving family with you. His original owner (RIP) would be so happy to know that he is being loved and cared for by such a dedicated couple! It was meant to be...