May 21, 2017

White Dog leaned against me. "You are under so much stress dad and I are worried about you. Today now that you have an answer let us take a break and go to the park. And avoid all the things that have your mind whirling. Come on."

I had just talked to the Emergency Vet where Steve had taken YoYoMa for a blood test to check his anemia. Dr. Julia had set things up on Friday and our goal was to keep Yo stable. We did not expect the number to climb but we sure did not want it to fall. He was at 23%...right where he was on Friday. What a relief! The horrible thing about this is that there is no REAL way to look at him and tell. Through everything his gums have remained pink and when he is already lethargic how do you gauge percentages of change? But he was stable! I was thrilled but had secretly hoped it had been 24...or 30. But he had held the line, I told myself again.

White Dog was insistent that I needed to get out of the house and change my pattern so I went...as we were leaving Nilla came to my side and asked to join us. Nilla is my least demanding pup and as a result I fear she becomes the "forgotten" child. "Want to come along?" I asked and she trotted to the door to wait for Steve to leash her.

WD was right, I needed this outing of sitting in the shade and feeling the breeze while White Dog flowed like silk across the grass. It was a beautiful day but the Park was nearly empty allowing long graceful zoomies.

Nilla's joy was a balm for my harried soul. I watched her smile and prance next to Steve in such obvious happiness I was instantly glad she had joined us. She soaked in the smells and the opportunity to explore. My 17 year old girl did not sit down to rest for the entire hour we were there. At the end she was ready to nap in the car on the way home.

We walked in to the Army all clamoring for attention and the need to finish the weekend "to-do" list. I looked over and smiled at the Little White Dog of My Heart, "You always know just what I need," I mouthed, "I love you!" Then I looked at all of the smiling pups surrounding me and blanketing me with devotion. "You all give me balance. I love you!"

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