May 24, 2017

White Dog called for an immediate halt to the usual blizzard rush at Steve when he comes in from work. It was clear through the still closed front door that something was wrong. Steve was hunkered over the door and was clearly in pain. The WDA stopped and let him in enter without demands for attention or clamoring nuzzles.

"I fell at work going up the stairs," he started, "and pulled a muscle in my leg and hip." "Go take something to dull the pain right now and then let's look," was my response. The Army followed him, concerned, at a respectful distance although the restraint was taking all of their efforts.

Already there were signs of nasty bruising forming and the area was very tender. "Should we go have you looked at?" "Why? They will just give me a relaxant and tell me to not move too much." The White Dogs ushered him over to the couch and pushed him to sit down.

"Careful everyone. Sometimes it is going up and down that hurts..." Poor Steve squealed in misery. Opal ran from the room in fright.  "...the most," I finished.

Zsofia jumped up next to Steve and White Dog joined her. Together they nosed and examined while all of the others crowded around looking VERY worried.  White Dog announced a change of plans for the evening. Sachi, Steve's devoted one,  FINALLY scrambled up to sit in a toehold position next to Steve, and licked his arm in comfort.

"OK. Dad will make our dinners because he says just standing does not hurt but we will go quietly to our places and wait for him to place our bowls...no pushing at him or yelling for him to hurry. Momma, get out the menus and see who delivers so dad does not have to cook dinner. Pizza would be quick, cheap and easy. Besides we could share.

"Benson, you must move over on the bed for your subq fluids so that dad can lie next to you with his hip and leg stretched out. And everyone...make prebed yard potty plans...Dad is NOT going on any walks.

"Momma, get the heating pad out for tonight and make sure dad keeps taking the extra strength ibuprofen. And dad, you listen to what I am saying...and to momma, too. Being a hero will just make things worse. Go!"

Every pup fell into the routine White Dog laid out...and even Steve did not give her the arguments that I would have gotten.

"That's my girl!" I thought proudly. "Handled like the leader you are.."

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meowmeowmans said...

We're so sorry to hear Dad Steve fell and hurt himself! We send healing purrs and prayers you way. In the meantime, it sounds like the WDA is taking good care of him. Hugs!