June 12, 2017

White Dog said, "the White Dog Army sometimes seems like we are all carousel ponies going round and round...some of us are up and some of us are down and most of us are somewhere between." I looked at her and nodded. She was referring to the call we had just gotten from Dr. Julia...and looking across the room at her brothers Benson and Stormer.

YoYoMa's blood work today had our healer almost giddy with happiness. "Ask me Yo's number,?" she almost sang when I answered the phone. I knew it was better than I expected. "TWENTY-NINE! He is doing so well." was her response. I whooped along with her and smiled at the sleeping YoYoMa. "Let's give him a week and do blood again." I nervously said, "Are you sure?" "Of course if you notice any change or a problem get him back here, but yes, let's see next Monday." I told her that it seemed like there was an added a bonus happening in that YoYoMa's eye, the one with glaucoma, was looking much better; the pressure, and bulging seemed less and it had regained some color. "Cyclosporine," she said. "It is used topically for eye problems. You know what? Bring him in when I am here and let's look him over, especially the eye. We will do the blood then."

Stormer gave a pathetic little groan as I finished with the vet. He has been having some issues with his right rear leg. At 16 years, he is plagued with arthritis but until now was able to at least rise without crying out. Stormer is not our most stoic boy, but pain management is important. I made an appointment for him to see Dr. England on Saturday then put him on the bed for a full body massage from neck to toes of rear leg. He stretch and twisted to make sure I got all of the tight places and grunted in relief. "He is really just a big ole puppy," White Dog observed.

Trixie has just about come through the outbreak cycle of her skin condition that had her hair falling out and made her itch like a lunatic. Now that we knew what to expect, the minute we started seeing her scratch and felt the bumps around her ears we amped up her meds and started with the sulphur lime rinses. She hated her body suit but it kept her from making herself bloody. Now, the spots have all dried up and her furs are regrowing nicely. She is nearly back to normal. Soon we will consider slowly stepping back the steroid.

Benson is holding his own with kidney disease but is showing signs of slight focal seizures...head shaking, twitching,  nervousness. It is very reminiscent of Quinn's reactions to his brain tumor. They are still infrequent occurrences and quickly pass when he is held and grounded back to reality; they are not debilitating but are worrisome. I try not to think of Quinn as I wrap my arms around Ben and he leans so gratefully against me. Touch and sound are stabilizers enough for now.

The rest of the WDA, like White Dog says, are in various rises and falls on the carousel. Some days allergies have Bella chewing her toesies or Sachi squeaking a bit more as he breathes. Other days, Opal and Zsofia run zoomies in games or give ME the toy. Nilla, our oldest girl, is sleeping lots today under the cool airs; yesterday she was up and about, curious about everything. White Dog chowed like she was starving tonight...after walking away from breakfast.

White Dog pressed to my chest. "It is like that Joni Mitchell song," she said. "We do the best we can and count on the power of love to see us through."

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and there is plenty of LOVE in your house....