June 19, 2017

White Dog gave up and was sleeping in the cooling breeze of the swamp cooler. We are in the middle of a heat wave here in the southwest and it is not bringing out the best in the White Dog Army.

Every pup is bored but the heat zaps the energy to play fetch or run in the yard. In fact no one even wants to poke a paw out of the cool comfort of the house. Business trips out are quick and much less frequent than normal.

We have begun to get a little snarky to each other. Crabbiness has had to be re-calibrated as we speak too sharply or push to get a better position. The WDA is not so quick today to consider the others or move out of the way. Every dog has been guilty of an unprovoked growl or uttered threat.

The game of gate keeping is requiring this momma to frequently abandon her work at  the computer to nudge one stubborn white dog or another from lying ACROSS a doorway impeding the passage of everyone else.  Those trapped smile and wag gratefully while the dispossessed one gives me "THAT" look.

I sound like MY mother on days like this, "If you cannot be nice then take yourself off to bed where you can be alone and as crabby as you want, but if you want treats in a bit I suggest an attitude adjustment." And like I did, I KNOW the White Dogs roll their eyes and snort.

And the heat wave is supposed to continue ALL week. Sigh.

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Brian said...

We've had the hots here too but not like you've had them. I sure hope some cool comes your way!