June 22, 2017

White Dog was exhausted by the events of the day and had returned to her bed despite the fact that it was just past breakfast. I looked at Steve in puzzlement. "How come White Dog and every one else is already in snooze mode?"

He sat next me. "Apparently we had a VERY exciting night and the White Dog Army has been helping me make discoveries and supervise cleanup." I raised an eyebrow not sure if I REALLY wanted to know details before coffee.

"First, some pup, I think it was Miss Trixie who ate poop off of the sidewalk on the walk last night, re-enacted the Exorcist all over the living room carpet and sofa." "Probably did not want to disturb us by going in the bathroom or out through the dog door, right?"

"I had a hard time keeping the cleanup from becoming a pre-breakfast appetizer."

Thankfully the sofa is covered and we have a spare cover. Steve put on the second cover and carried the bundled soiled one to the washing machine. "That is when I discovered that the little built-in cup where the detergent and softener go was swarming with ants. Why? I don't know. But they were everywhere. So we had to clean out the machine and get rid of all of the ants before I could start the laundry."

I was sure by then the WDA was more than ready for breakfast. Steve continued.

"Last night when I was in the kitchen after night walks I heard skittering and said to Sachi, 'oh no! I think we have another mouse invader. Put on your hunter gear, Little Man.'" In my head I thought, "You put out a trap and caught him, right?"

"Well, when I went out on the deck to bring Nilla in for breakfast there it was neatly arrayed just outside the dog door. A dead mouse. Now I am not sure it was THAT mouse..." good dog, I hope he is it, I thought. "...and I cannot swear it was Sachi who caught him. But I am going to say it was the mouse we heard and that our Little Mouser can add another badge to his honor sash."

"Just glad no one of the Army wanted him for a snack." "Oddly, everyone must have walked past the corpse and understood maybe it was there as a warning to other mice. I removed him to the dumpster, of course."

"And THEN did everyone get breakfast?" "Yep." "Well now I understand why all are fast asleep; I need coffee after all of that or I am going to crawl back to bed as well."

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