July 10, 2017

White Dog was awakened by Bella's zoomie through the house to dive under her chair. "What did she have in her mouth?" I asked. WD was trying to go back to sllep and Bella was refusing to come out and show me her treasure. I put it on the mental list of things to share with Steve when he got home...to check what was under the chair.

The day passed uneventfully and the White Dogs crowded to the door to welcome Steve home from work. They followed him when he went out to the kitchen to put his lunch container into the sink.

"What happened here," he asked. "Why is there an open jar of blueberry preserves lying on the floor in the pantry?" He looked around at the blizzard surrounding him. "Seems like there is quite a lot missing from the jar." Zsofia wooed at him and moved to pick up the edge of the jar.

"Is this your work, My Girl," Steve asked her. "How did you get the lid off and by the way where IS the lid?" She pawed at the jar he was now holding and bent her head to lick the floor...which caused the others to surge forward to taste what was there.

"Check under my chair for the lid," I suggested and told him of the Bella zoomie earlier. Sure enough, the lid was there, hygenically perfect to the point of gleaming. "I suspect Bella was just an opportunist who seized the opportunity to grab the lid," I told the room.

Steve was examining the lid. There were teeth marks, a kind of pried upturned edge at one point and deep gouges in two opposing sides. "You don't think Zso used her jaw like a wrench, do you?" he asked me sounding impressed yet fearful by the ingenuity. No one else has the teeth or the muscles to even consider such a thing plus her possessive behavior indicated she had SOMETHING to do with the trick. The jar was not hurt nor the glass chipped. "It would have taken some problem-solving to figure out to turn her head while holding the jar,..maybe she figured out some way to brace it" I added. Zsofia woofed.

To me the more interesting thing is why she chose to take a closed jar off of the pantry shelf and spend the time to opening it. There were certainly easier options...like the noodles, for example, protected by a simple cellophane bag.   How did she KNOW this particular jar held the sweet yummy preserves she and dad share on toast?

Our Darkest White Dog suddenly had little to say.


NanĂ¼k said...

Fascinating, she is a smart huskerboo for sure!


Random Felines said...

uh oh - sounds like someone may be taking physics lessons online at night MOL

TwoSpecialWires said...

When there's a will, there's a way. Our doggies know this as well as we. Clearly.