July 25, 2017

White Dog hopped up when the phone rang and then looked sharply at me when I clicked in and cursed.

It was Dr. Julia calling to discuss YoYoMa's bloodwork. I turned on the receiver, heard a pop and click and then the phone went dead. I said a not nice word and tried immediately to dial HER.

The phone was dead. Just like that nada nothing. dead. I went to the office and tried the handset there, same thing...and in the bedroom. The second line did not respond either. CRAP!

In this critical instant my phone system, all four handsets, had given up the ghost. The system had served me well for ten years and when I needed it... I flew to the computer and frantically messaged Steve. "Phone system died. Dr. Julia has results and I cannot get them!"

He did not reply immediately and my frustration grew. WD and the others moved close around me sensing their stability and calm were MUCH needed.

Steve responded in a short time (he was at work after all) and suggested he would call and if I stayed with him online he could translate what she had to say...play "telephone" if you will.

YoYoMa's hemanocrit number was 32...down two more points from last week. I choked down panic as I typed. badly, "Ask how much we need to worry and what can we do to boost things?" And then waited while Steve asked, got a response and typed. "She says he is still in an ok range so let's not panic. We are doing all we can right now." I started to press but Steve's answer continued, "Dr. Julia says with infection he is fighting it is likely there will be a vacillation. The good news is that his white blood cell count is down significantly."

Turns out he has lost a bit of weight...again attributed to the extra work his body is doing to fight the invaders. "Appetite stim?" I typed and WD nuzzled my hand to be patient. "No, let us not get too over excited by this."

I was dying for the ability to talk directly with Dr. Julia and to hear her tone and to word my questions myself. I felt like I was not getting the full story.

When Steve got home from work I pressed him for more details and got his interpretation, which was thorough but still NOT my personal experience. The phone, through some surge or electricity black magic, had shorted itself out. Steve calmly ordered a new system. It struck me then that I never even thought to fish my cell phone out of its hiding place on my desk and use THAT. ancient but workable device...momma is an idiot, I thought!

I went and wrapped my arms around YoYoMa. Whispering in his ear, I asked those Ninja Red Blood Cells to fight a little harder; to bring the number up next week when we test again. I thanked my boy for his Warrior Spirit and breathed strength and love into his face.

White Dog gently stopped me when I turned to ask Steve if he didn't think waiting an entire week to retest was too long. "Believe," she said. "We have a shield of love and the power of the White Dog Army on this. Believe."


Random Felines said...

Yo will be fine....which is apparently more than can be said for the phones (yikes)

Brian said...

How frustrating and big hugs to the wonderful Yo!

Sue Lunsford said...

Hugs and Eskie kisses to YoYoMa and you, Sue! He's a trooper. Sending healing thoughts his way, from the Wine Country Eskie Crew!

The Ladies of Beaglebratz Manor said...

Mom Kim here - oh I am familiar with that feeling. We dogmoms HAVE to get it right - got to do it ourselves to get it right - our dogs depend on us for that. But - just take a deep breath, yep - others can do what we need done. In the meantime, let the WDA take over and bring you that calming that you need right now. Thinking of you and sending Beagle Arooooos for Yo's healing and hugs to you.