July 27, 2017

White Dog agreed, "even after almost FOUR years, she still is coming out of her shell." We were talking about our Bella, once frightfully timid but blooming everyday.

This is what she looked like in her rescue photo, after she have been saved from mill dog breeding.
And this is where she has spent a good portion of her life in the White Dog Army.
We have tried countless times to set up a real space that is hers, bought beds and attempted to provide claimable territory. She free ranges and naps the open crates but has never made any her own...and at night she sleeps on the floor against the corner edge of the bed or in the doorway as mattresses and comfy beds are ignored. I always felt bad.

Recently a friend made a new drape for the dog door and as a bonus made a fluffy dog pillow of the same sturdy fabric. At first we placed it near the dog door to sort of "match" the area but both Benson and Opal preferred the little green shag rug that had always been there so Steve moved the new pillow to a space in front of his dresser.

Surprise! Bella found it the perfect nighttime spot. After all of these years, this pillow has become her bed. She has nested the stuffing to contour to her body; she gave me a look last night when I attempted to "fluff" it for her. I know she was upset because she deliberately stood on the pillow when I put it down and reshifted it BACK to how it had been.

And you know, that little act of ownership made my heart sing.


Sue Lunsford said...

Ahhh... The act of a happy dog! She's finally settling in! My SuSu Rescue is now claiming other dogs' resting places as her own, after 1-1/2 years. The other dogs are allowing her to choose her spots. They understand.

meowmeowmans said...

So sweet. Everything in their own time, right? We are so happy that Bella continues to feel more and more secure. How could she not, being surrounded by the love and support of the WDA?