August 5, 2017

White Dog observed, "Stormer is NOT what one would call stoic." Today was the morning he was to see Dr. England for blood work. She is leaving the practice and we wanted her to have final notes on her treatment of our boy in the file.

CA Stormer started moaning when Steve told him after breakfast. "Don't go and lie down. There is no time for a post-breakfast nap this morning. You must get ready to go to the vet.

He whined as they walked around the front yard to potty before getting in the van. He softly cried the entire 15 minutes of the drive. "You LOVE car rides," I told him. He looked at me and sniffled.

He was quiet for the 10 minutes that I held him and we went inside, but the second I put him on the ground and the tech lead him to the back room, his complaints began anew.

Steve and I could hear him from the waiting room protesting and making a fuss. When Dr. England brought him back out she said, "He CAN be a bit of a drama queen, can't he?' We all laughed as Stormer collapsed at my feet and looked up pitifully The vet talked with us for a few minutes about our boy but it was not much new since she had seen him only six weeks ago. The blood work will be sent out and she will call us. She will also call us when his new arthritis medication comes in midweek.

All of the way home CA reminded us of his great personal bravery and inconvenience. He moaned all of the way up to the house door and once inside, regaled the WDA with his travails.

It was sort of a Doppler effect as I came inside...his receding voice harrumphing into the office where his bed is.

I peeked in about five minutes later and he was fast asleep. "Wow," White Dog said, "I would have least held on for a post vet treat."

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Random Felines said...

agreed - he didn't even exact payment for all that???