January 2, 2018

White Dog bent over Stormer and touched his nose. He turned his face to hers and whimpered. "It is all right, brother. It is all right."

CA Stormer suffers from separation anxiety and at times it totally overwhelms him. He was having a rough time as his best bud left this morning, ending his vacation, and returned to work. Stormer is most at peace when we are all together and he can hear the pack dynamic. It is almost impossible for him to comprehend that the absence is only for a few hours and that Steve will return for dinner and cuddles.

It did not help that Stormer was having a challenging health day as well. His legs were weak and walking was wobbly; an effort. His digestive tract was upset and the medications were only providing minimal relief. Depression and achy old age issues are NOT a good combination.

Zsofia sat with him in the hallway for the longest time this afternoon, just sitting quietly and watching as he fidgeted and softly cried.

When he fell asleep from the exhaustion of his restlessness, Opal curled against his side to nap along.

Nilla paced and fussed when Stormer's fears rose and I went to touch him and speak softly. She did not like seeing him troubled; and stayed near in case I needed prompting.

And then he slept for a couple of hours.The White Dog Army breathed a sigh of relief and headed out to take care of business. Business postponed to care for their packmate. But at the first sound of his tags jingling, Sachi and WD rushed to the doorway where he sprawled as Pearl came to ask me to help him to the water bowl.

We all sat together...and in that Stormer found comfort. A comfort elevated to complete joy half an hour later when Steve walked through the door.

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