January 5, 2018

White Dog looked at the face of Bella the Stoic as I held her in my arms. "You DO have the best resigned look I have ever seen," WD told her, "however, momma is right in her efforts to stop your footsie chewing. Look, you are all bloodied."

Bella has compulsively licked her feet since she joined us years ago. We have, with Dr. Julia's help, ruled out all physical and medical possibilities. The conclusion is that it is a behavioral  issue. She seems to go in cycle of intensity based on a pattern we have not yet figured out. Usually a distraction or the addition of foot balm is enough to get her to change course, for a while.

Our friend, Kathie, sent the WDA some homemade foot balm that we have been using. It is solid and smells good. Bella seems to not mind it; she sniffs but does not lick it. She DOES mind have her feet fussed with...hence the look.

"Sweet Dancer, maybe some day you will feel relaxed enough to abandon this nervous habit," I tell her. "But until then I must make sure you do not get an infection or damage yourself. I fuss with your toesies only because I care and want you to be able to dance until you are 102."

Bella sighed and let me massage in the balm before jumping from my arms and glaring.


meowmeowmans said...

Bella, we are glad that foot balm is helping some, but hope one day soon that you will be confident enough to abandon that habit. Purrs and prayers to you, sweet girl.

Sue Lunsford said...

Bella, baby, there are much better things to do than chew feet!

How Sam Sees It said...

Poor girl. Our Ramble constantly licks, but his skin gets irritated so quickly. Once he starts licking he can't stop. I hope the balm is helping!

Monty, Harlow, and Ramble