February 15, 2018

White Dog moped along with the rest of the White Dog Army. It began raining last night cancelling walks and so far continued all day. It was real rain, not the typical, mist for ten minutes and dry streets in twenty that usually is called rain. It was damp and uncomfortable. Not cold but still it made everyone achy. Plus it was grey; just sort of a noncolor that sucked the vibrance from everything.

"I KNOW we need the rain," she said. "and we are glad the ground is getting a good soaking. But I don't want to be soaked just running out to take care of business We are all just dashing out to the deck and back in to avoid the yuckiness. Dad even slipped on the ramp carrying Stormer out and fell. Plus we are all SO bored...and tired of napping."

I handed out an extra round of jerky as a consolation prize but even that and a group read of Shel Silverstein poetry did not help. i went back to work. "Weather says rain is supposed to end by early evening," I called out to the WDA.

"It BETTER!" Tizenegy grumbled from behind me.