April 16, 2018

White Dog chuckled, "Tiny Dancer can sure move those legs when she wants to."

Over the years I have learned not to be amazed at the empathy and compassion the members of the White Dog Army show to each other. I would challenge anyone who says that dogs do not understand loneliness or grief and that they do not experience depression.

Zsofia has been stoic since Sachi left us. She has carried on and fill the gaps without complaint. But there have been moments when she thinks no one watching that a shadow crosses her face or she rests her head on paws with a sigh. Despite their size difference they were wrestling partners and often took off in a game of chase that ended with both crashing back into the house and falling against each other in panting glee. I know she misses those times.

And so, apparently, does Bella understand.

The past few days, Bella, never much of a wrestler, has tried to engage Zso in a timid attempt at this play. She does not throw herself on our Darkest White Girl and fiercely pommel her like Sachi would but she has gone up and play bowed, tail wagging furiously as she swats at Zsofia's paws. Zso tries to clap HER paw on top of Bella's, which Bella avoids. There is much wooing and smack talk before My Tiny Dancer whirls and heads outside with Zsofia on her heels.

You can hear them zooming around the yard barking and laughing before crashing back into the house. The pair flies into the living room...Bella to slide under the momma chair, peeking out from her fortress...and Zso to stand on the window chair wooing like Rocky on the top of the stairs at her sheltered sister.

It is not the same game it was but there is comfort in seeing the two evolving new games and interactions that honor the traditions we love in a new way. And so we continue to heal.
Photo bomb of the coffee dropped minutes before by the endlessly counter surfing Bailey
who felt cheated that we were coffeeless this morning due to lack of cream

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