May 16, 2018

White Dog let out a sigh of relief; Bailey barely raised her head from where she lay next to me. Dr. Julia had just called with Bai's blood  work and all was perfectly normal.
You can tell Bailey was VERY anxious about the test results.

We were a little concerned when we were at our vet's office Monday with Bailey to have a small hard bump that our blue-eyed girl developed over the past couple of weeks looked at. Dr. Julia examined it and measured. "These are usually benign little tumors. They are like moles. Let's just watch and we will take further action if it changes at all or if she needs anesthesia for teeth or something, although her teeth look pretty good."

"Do we want to do blood work on my girl?" I asked. "I don't think we have a baseline on her."

Dr. Julia began leafing through Bailey's chart. "We have one from when she was here in March," she said pulling out the printout and looking at it. Her forehead furrowed and she went back into the chart. "Why was she here last time?"

Steve filled in the information before I could mentally recall...or our vet could read through the notes. "That was when she ate Sue's pill box, her pill container, and her daily dose of heart meds. She was here for the day for IV and observation."

I nodded back at the old blood report. "Problem?"

"Her liver values on this are all over the place. It might have just been her system filtering your meds but I would feel better if we ran a new panel including chemistry. Better to make sure it was anomaly that won't come back to haunt us."

Bai climbed with resignation to her feet just as Rosie came into the exam room. "Relax, Big Girl, I can take your blood right here and you don't need to leave momma. Should have the complete results Wednesday."

Dr. Julia rubbed the side of Bailey's face. "But we are not going to worry until then. I will call when I get the report."


Brian said...

Purrs and hugs from all of us, we hope all is okay!

Random Felines said...

glad everything looks good