July 10, 2018

White Dog did not like being teased about the White Dog Army being caught sleeping on the job. "Dad did not play fair," she muttered trying to hide her embarrassment. I picked her up and tried to erase the insult. "Sweet One, I did not mean to hurt your feelings. Truth is, had I not already known, I too, would have been caught unaware."

Plus, I saw Steve exit the Lyft car and walk up the driveway. He surprised even ME when he walked past the front door and came in through the yard.

"What's with the secret agent entry?" I asked as the WDA exploded with the realization that dad was magically standing in the kitchen. "No keys," he replied.

"And where is Pumpkin?" The Army cried in unison.

On his way back to the office after the day's jury duty, Pumpkin began to overheat. We decided the safest thing to do would be for Steve to take the van directly to the dealer and use Lyft to get to work and home...and back to jury duty tomorrow.

He called to tell me he had made it in but that the car could not be seen until mid-afternoon on Wednesday. The Service Writer warned him that it would probably require staying overnight until parts, if needed, could arrive Thursday. He accidentally left his house key on his key fob.

The White Dog Army still worried that Pumpkin was staying at the car vet overnight; I am not sure they will understand when it stretches into TWO nights that we are carless. We humans are keeping fingers crossed that Pumpkin is not having any serious issues that will result in huge expenses. "Don't say anything," I mouthed to Steve, "It will just make them panic that we will starve or become shopping cart people."

"What if we need food?" Opal fretted. "Or we want ice cream?" Bailey asked. "What if momma sprains her toe?" always considerate Nilla worried. "We have no vehicle!"

"Opal, we have plenty of food not just for dinner and the next day but I just put a new bag of kibble into the bin," Steve responded. "If ice cream is needed we have THREE ice cream places right here in the neighborhood and we could walk," he added. I caressed Nilla, "Sweet One, my toes feel particularly strong, I think I will be all right. Plus remember momma was a Girl Scout long ago so I know how to take care of a sprain if needed."

Steve had changed into home clothes and all seemed back to routine. Bella came out from under the chair. "Did I hear someone say something about ICE CREAM?" she wondered.

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Random Felines said...

Bless Bella - the most important part of the conversation must always be ice cream. Hope they fix Pumpkin quickly and it isn't expensive.