July 2, 2018

White Dog nodded at Roman who was sleeping next to my feet. "It takes a level of trust for him to lie on his back, fully exposed like that. Especially since he is totally not protected."

Zsofia jumped down from the window and walked right past him, well within previous "too close"space. I leaned forward as did Steve, both of ready to leap into action should Roman feel threatened. He stayed calm. Then Opal went over and sniffed him. Roman did not tense, did not growl, made no effort to shift position. He continued to enjoy airing out his underside without reacting. I heard Steve draw in a deep breath.

In fact, My Boy looked a little confused when I said to him, "That was SUCH a good boy, Roman! You let them go by and were SO at ease. I am proud of you."

He STILL wasn't sure what I was praising him for but figured "what the heck, I'll take a Good Boy any time I can get one!" He rolled on his side and rested his head against my leg so I could stroke his ears.
 Sometimes the hardest part of being the momma is just making it all seem like that was the plan when inside you are shouting and jumping with joy about progress made.


Random Felines said...

Good boy Roman

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