July 4, 2018

White Dog was trying to hush Zsofia's dawn song to herself, "Happy Birthday to MEEEEEEE!"  "Sister, we will celebrate all day but PLEASE let's let everyone sleep until at least six."

Precisely at 6am Zso landed on the bed with a thud. "Can we have birthday pancakes?" she asked. "ALL of us, not just me. And bacon?"

Over breakfast we were all encouraged by Zsofia to share our favorite stories of her.
We looked at Baby photos.
We smiled at our now now all grown up girl's toddler ears.
We remembered her and Sachi, her BFF.
Some of the newer recruits to the White Dog Army had not known their sister as a silly puppy and were amazed at the how different our dignified girl is now.
Zsofia chose stir-fry veggies. "Remember the year you ate the ENTIRE garden, including the stalks and leaves?" White Dog reminded her. Mixed into the ginger-y vegetable were strips of squid, sardines, and cod. Dessert was fresh apricot chunks stirred into whipped cream. Zso enjoyed TWO servings.

Happy Birthday, Itty Bitty Baby Girl! Four years old! Know you will always be our precious gift.


Random Felines said...

HAPPY Birthday Zsophia!!!

Nanük said...

Happy happy birthday Zsophia! We have loved watching woo grow into a darling huskerboo! Play bows,

Nuk & Timber

Jo McKnight said...

Happy Birthday, Zo! For me, I love Husky singing and never get enough of it! Have your Mom or Dad make a tape for me, will you?

Hugs to all at the White Dog Army,

Jo in MN