July 8, 2018

White Dog came out of the office to show me that it wasn't her digging in the mattress. We issued a general "Stop digging right now," which was pointless. Tiz stood in the doorway complaining as the noise continued; Steve went to look in the office.

Opal was sitting in the middle of his bed and she would not move. Steve walked over and gently removed her so that her brother could have his bed. Steve went back to the living room.

Minutes later we heard digging again. Steve went back to discover Zsofia this time standing in the middle of the mattress pawing the edge. When her name was called she turned. "What do you have?" Steve asked her. Reluctantly, she gave him the tiny bit of dried zucchini that Tiz must had let escape during a vegetable sharing session which, based on the dessication, happened long ago. Steve gave it back to her. "Really, Zso! how did you even know this was under there?"

Now apparently the word was out about Tizenegy's hording spot. Steve went back to Tiz's rescue to remove Bailey and her speck of dried lettuce from his sleep area. Bailey held up the lettuce with pleading eyes.

"Yes, I see the time," Steve told her. "Dinner is not for another half hour. You need not resort to such drastic action; you are not going to starve." She looked as if she did not quite believe him.

Momma saved the day by breaking up cauliflower, FRESH cauliflower, for tonight's dinner. To stave off any White Dog fainting issues due to hunger, I shared pieces with all. It was a stop gap measure.

When Steve went out to the kitchen, a blizzard followed him.

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