August 10, 2018

White Dog suggested that we look into interior design schools for Opal. "She has a real knack for rearranging things," WD noted. "but her sense on Fen Shui needs a little work; it is a little self-serving."

The conversation began after bedtime walks. Tizenegy, White Dog and Roman returned and as is the practice Tiz moved to rest on his bed after his treat so that Roman could come into the office and sit for HIS reward. But something was different.

Tizenegy went to his bed but stood, looking VERY confused. He stepped off the mattress and stepped back on. It was missing!
Because he is an old man who drools and sometimes dribbles a little in his sleep our boy has a special bath mat that he sleeps on. It is soft and washable. AND it was gone!

"How can it just be gone?" Steve wondered. He looked all over the room and even under the mattress in case it has been pushed aside. Then he and Tiz searched the house. Finally Steve took his flashlight and they went to look outside on the deck. It WAS truly missing.

Steve cupped Tizenegy's chin. "We will go out first thing in the morning and search all over," he promised I will put a nice fluffy towel down for you tonight Big Boy, OK?" Tiz sighed and agreed.

When Steve went over to the bedroom to clear the toys out of Zsofia's crate, he shouted "Woohoo!" and came back carrying the missing mat. Opal is our hoarder. Across the day she brings toys from the toy box to the bed she often shares with Zso and lies upon them to keep them safe.
Apparently, our Sparkling Gem decided that HER space needed a bit of sprucing up so she dragged Tiz's covering over and arranged it so that she could lie on it and enjoy the pretty design.

Tizenegy was very glad to have his pad back. I promised Opal that we would shop the very next day for a similar mat in a design of her choice. We all went to sleep happy pups.

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