January 4, 2019

White Dog just shook her head. "Why is it that you humans find ways to complicate even the SIMPLEST things," she asked.

The White Dog Army have done a fabulous job of nursing me through my headcold but it was clear that I needed to hand myself over to the medical profession. I was so stuffed up I was having problems holding my oxygen saturation and needed to depend on my concentrator at home.

"I'll just call and get prescription for portable oxygen and then go to the doctor for meds," I told them. "It should be easy and I will be better in a snap." I knew not to be foolhardy about breathing.

I called my doctor the day after Christmas and asked for a prescription for portable oxygen so that I could come in. The nurse understood the sense of my request and sent a fax to the hospital equipment company. Then the nightmare began.

We went back and forth from December 26th until Thursday…meanwhile my congestion got deeper and funky gunk began to come up…until I was referred to another nurse and informed that a prescription was not enough. My INSURANCE COMPANY required I come in to get evaluated for my need for portable oxygen. 

No, the fact I had O2 was not enough. Yes, they understood I was tethered to my hose at home. But that was THE ONLY WAY I could be approved for portable oxygen. No way around it. No temporary approval as I came in. I had to GO to the doctor’s office for an eval…White Dog banged her head on my knee in frustration that I shared. 

"Can't Dr. Julia help you," she wanted to know. "SHE has some common sense and is a great healer." I agreed that if I could I would have her on the phone but that sadly the rules did not allow her to treat humans. "Wow!" Nilla interrupted. "YOUR loss."

The White Dogs encouraged me to make an evaluation appointment...for NEXT Wednesday. They have promised to continue to take care of me in the interim, home-bound, in the hopes that the cold will continue to break up (as it is beginning to do) and that I will not need tethering; that I will be able to hold my oxygen saturation at normal levels. 

White Dog has promised that they will see me through this. "It is really just a tough cold, momma," she reassured. "The WDA and a bit of common sense will have you back in no time. Let's start with a cookie...for your health.

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