January 9, 2019

White Dog did not need to rush in to tell me Nilla was in trouble. We all heard her plaintive cries and rising panic.

We headed out to the kitchen to discover that SOMEHOW our standard size eskie lady had managed to crawl under the wheeled serving cart. She had gotten under as far as her front armpits. In her desperate wiggling to come out the adjacent side, she managed to wedge the hem of her sweatshirt under the wheels. And in her fear response, she was lying in a lake of urine.

I tried the get her out but could not get low enough and was worried about my stability in managing the wetness and odd balance. I tried soothing her with my voice to stay calm as I grabbed the kitchen phone and dialed Steve at work.

Thank dog, he works only a few minutes away even though it seems like hours at times like these. The others sang to her and then got nervous themselves by her distress. I shooed them out and closed the gate as I continued to talk to her.

Steve arrived in 15 minutes and dashed in to the rescue. My poor girl was shaking when he placed her into my arms.

He helped me get a warm basin and towels and a new shirt before he jumped back on his orange horse and returned to the office. Roman volunteered to confinement in the kitchen so I could attend to Nilla.

I gently removed her very wet sweater and held her close until she calmed a bit. Then I washed her and wrapped her in dry towels before wrapping her in the blanket. Holding her against my heart she eventually fell asleep.

The others came up to check on her. "It was exhausting for her," White Dog said. "I am glad she is resting." "Roman measured the height on the gap on the cart and shook his head. "HOW did she ever get under there?"

Bella, our Queen of Small Spaces, said "most important I am glad Dad came to the rescue and she is out." Everyone agreed. I whispered in Nilla's ear, "Little Girl know you are safe no matter how coudy your mind gets. And are loved."


Random Felines said...

Poor Nilla....glad Steve was close for the rescue

Sue Lunsford said...

Sky used to do the same thing. So traumatic! Glad she was rescued from the cart monster, cleaned up and cuddled.