November 3, 2008

White Dog reconnected with her Gandhi side in Agility Class yesterday. Totally passively resisting, she had to pulled along on her belly as completely limp she refused to enter the "Start" box. Steve ignored her theatrics and kept walking until the stubborn Miss had no choice but to stand and cooperate. Tonight White Dog tried the same tactic at walk time (it seems to be a new game). She was very surprised at Steve's response. After several attempts to put the leash on the liquid White Dog lying on her back Steve hung the leash back on the hook, said "see ya!" and left for the walk by himself. A second's shock passed before White Dog was scratching at the door and crying for him to return for her. Fortunately, he did...she was smart enough to be enthusiastic.


Coffee Talk with Shar said...

Oh White Dog - that is too funny! I know that I do that all the time when I am trying to get attention too, hoping that my parents will feel bad and carry me around as if I have a broken leg or something. I hope they don't try what your dad did!!

Hana said...

Siku, you are so funny. First you play hard to get, and then when your Dad leaves without you, you are shocked and want to go on your walkie. Better be careful because next time he might not turn around to come back for you. Maybe he will walk another dog!

Isis said...

Ohhhh noooooooo! he tried to leave without you! Sister says this one dog comes in to work annually for his vaccines, and does the liquid thing in the waiting room. But he's over 50 pounds of dead weight, and won't let anyone move him. So they have to drag and push the dog the whole way. Once in the room, after he gets his vaccines, he stands up and walks out the door.