November 18, 2014

White Dog, the rest of the White Dog Army, Daisy, Skye and Jupiter all gathered around Candace's laptop and my computer screen. We were all wagging with excitement. The last flourishes were added. In just hours we would make history.

The receipt of Paws to People's official non profit status (the holy grail from the IRS, our 501c3) in mid-summer marked the true beginning of our mission to support comparative studies research for some of the nearly 400 diseases shared by pets and humans. Now we could raise the dollars needed to fund our very first pilot studies and seed grants to generate new insights and ideas that will build bridges to cures for monsters like cancer, epilepsy, diabetes.

Our biggest effort to date is a fundraising auction that P2P is holding on Facebook beginning Wednesday, November 19th, and continuing until the 30th. We don't come asking often but we are asking for your support in making sure our first ever grants will be able to push creative ideas that consider possibilities that may unlock the secrets to ending a catastrophic illness that takes too many too soon.

The talented authors, craftspeople, artists and artisans of our Blog family have been more than generous in donating an incredible treasure trove of items. Many of you have kindly added items that will delight and amaze. And to each of you we are more than grateful.

We ask that those in our community who are also socially networked on Facebook help us by attending, bidding, and sharing the word about this Event. To view items Go to the Paws to People Facebook page (Like us) then go to the "Photo" tab and click through Albums to Auction Photos. There you can bid as a comment. Please remember you are bidding to help Paws To People's efforts to fund research in the nearly 400 diseases shared by humans and pets. Your generosity and sharing of this Event are vital to building Bridges To Cures!

Here are but a few of the 150 items we have...
Click on  the link to find the auction.


Random Felines said...

how exciting....we didn't realize there was a facebook page - we are on our way over to check it out!!

Brian said...

Bravo on the non-profit status!!!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Were so hoping for cures-- aren't we?