June 12, 2018

White Dog is not a voluntary veggie eater. She'll eat what is in her dinner bowl if it is cut small enough that she cannot sort through the meal but she is the ONLY member of the WDA not to gather around during meal prep waiting for "samples"as we chop and cut vegetables.

Brussels Sprouts are a particular favorite here and tonight dad was doing the get ready. "They WILL expect two sprouts each," I told Steve and he laughed. "I wasn't going to share any." "Can't do that." I heard him telling the WDA how lucky they were to have an advocate in momma.

 Sprouts were trimmed and prepped and the White Dogs got some. "Um, dad, we have a problem. Momma always gives us two and you only distributed one and a HALF to each of us. Are you going to give us the other half?"

I tried not to laugh.


meowmeowmans said...

Ha ha. Nothing gets past the WDA! :)

Random Felines said...

who says dogs can't count? haha