June 4, 2018

White Dog, Pearl, Bailey, Roman, and Bella were already barking warnings at the the new pup who lives across the street BEFORE he bolted into the street...When he darted, their tone changed to serious concern and brought the rest of the WDA to the windows to add their voices.

"WHY are the humans ignoring him, momma?" WD almost shouted at me. "He could get hurt before anyone could get to the street fast enough to stop tragedy." I had no response since I, too, was horrified.

These neighbors are somewhat "casual" in their approach to managing their dogs. They are nice folks but not ones I would ever trust with one of the White Dog Army. I know their old weinheimer has for years wandered across lawns, down the block and back-forth across the street. There have been close calls. Sometimes the humans are out doing "stuff" other times the dog is let out and sometime later called back inside.

The pup, which looks to be part Siberian Husky, is a puppy bundle of energy...and curious about the world: under cars, garbage in the street, blowing leaves, other people's landscaping...and their pets. The WDA is fascinated with him and watch whenever he is outside.

The pup is never leashed although it does seem that the family makes some attempt at training basic skills. The front yard is not fenced. He has been attracted to the WDA barks and has skittled across the street and up the drive to investigate. He does not wear a collar.

One recent day, he actually hopped up onto our bench and met Pearl nose-to-nose through the glass of the window. I saw no one outside supervising and tried to lure him inside where he would be safe until humans were located. He jumped and ran when I opened the door. Later, I saw his "mom" and mentioned his visit and how unsafe it was for him to be running loose (we are just 1/2 block from a busy street). She nicely apologized for his trespass and mentioned they were "working" on training; she seemed unconcerned about the risks.

White Dog looked pointedly at Zsofia who we STILL are careful about running...after much training and never going off-leash in the open. "Isn't there SOMETHING you can say to them, momma? That is such a cute baby, but he IS a baby." "They think they have things under control," I told her, "hard to get through to people until something happens." "But that will be TOO LATE!" I hugged her.

WD and I agreed that we would share the situation in hopes that some of our friends might have suggestions. The LAST thing the WDA wants is a picture window seat to disaster.

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Random Felines said...

Do you have local leash laws? It may not make any difference but you could point that out to them. Loose running animals makes mom nuts. Why get a pet then put their lives at risk like that??