August 13, 2019

White Dog skimmed the two reports from Dr. Spohn. "Little things but nothing we can't tuck and run with," she said.

Pearl's lab report comes back with results appear within normal limits as well with the exception of high eosinophils, which are typically elevated in the face of parasitic infection or allergic reaction. The vet recommends giving her 10 mg of Claritin daily for allergies, if she isn't already on an antihistamine. A fecal test can be a good start to ruling out parasites, but this is likely secondary to her allergies; Dr. Julia's office can run that test since they are closer. Antihistamines are better utilized with omega 3 fatty acids and I know you give those.  Still waiting for Pearls free T4 results and will message you when they are back but let's get started on the treatment as soon as possible so we can recheck.

There is some evidence that Opal is hypothyroid because her free T4 by equilibrium dialysis is low at 3.6 (normal is around 8.4). Her liver and kidney values as well as electrolytes all look like they are where they should be...though her platelets are mildly elevated. So, we need to get her started on medications for hypothyroidism. We will want to recheck thyroid in one month. Otherwise she is a good weight and other values are sound. 

We spoke about more and the doctor reassured White Dog, Opal and Pearl that these were not issues that could not be controlled and that undue worry was not necessary.  "Let's just do the medications and stay trim and watch a little closer so we stay ahead of what is basically aging," Dr. Spohn concluded.

Cod liver for everyone for dinner was decreed!

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